WHERE: Ian Hanger Recital Hall, Queensland Conservatroium
WHEN: 6 – 7pm


Eastern Intermezzo Room Music Tit-Bits No.5
Scored for orchestra (1899) and ‘dished up’ for 2 pianos (July 1922)
And Arranged for tuneful percussion (April 1933)

Shallow Brown Sea-Chanty Settings No.3 (1910)
For solo male voice and male unison chorus (distant)
And room-music ensemble

Faeroe Island Dance: Let’s Dance Gay in Green Meadow (1905/1943)
Set for ‘one piano two-some’ by Percy Grainger

Beautiful Fresh Flower Traditional Chinese folk-tune
Harmonised by Joseph Yasser, pianised by Percy Grainger (1935)
Arranged for small ensemble by Vincent Plush (1998)

Gamelan Anklung: “Beron pengètjèt”

Balinese religious ceremonial music
Noted down by James Scott-Power & Percy Grainger (Hobart, July 1935)
From the gramophone record of the same name [Parlophone M.O.105]
Being No. 12 of the album “Music of the Orient” issued by the Parlophone Co.
“This music is played during the religious ceremonies – marriages, funerals, etc.
Notice the long notes (in the lower octaves) so typical of all the musics (in Japan,
Java, Bali, Siam, etc) that have been strongly influenced by the ancient music of
China.” Percy Grainger

La vallée des Cloches [“The Valley of the Bells”]

Fifth movement of Miroirs for solo piano by Maurice Ravel (1905)
Arranged for tuneful percussion, harp and strings by Grainger (July 1944)
or Arrangement by Vincent Plush for piano trio (2004)

Fierce Raratonga (World Premiere)

Music from the Polynesian Islands
As recorded by A.J.Knocks in Otaki, NA, (12 Jan 1907)
And partly notated from those recordings by Percy Grainger
In Otaki (20-21 Feb 1909)
And restored by Vincent Plush (Canberra, 2007)

Scotch Strathspey and Reel British Folk-Music Settings (1900-1911)
Inlaid with several Irish & Scotch Tunes and a Sea-Chanty